Restaurant Partner

Partner with us today. Get your cuisine to new and existing customers around you.

Access to our fleet of riders, ready to pick up and deliver your cuisine under an hour.

Easy to use manager app, which allows you to, receive orders, edit menu, set prices, and view status of your orders.

Why us?

*Boost store sales

*Reach new customers

*Easy set up 

*Low commission  and registration fee

Sign up today with our low registration and commission fee.

Clothing & Beauty stores

Why us?

*New delivery method

*Reach new customers

*Integrate our delivery service on your website

*Affordable delivery fee for your customers.

A new innovative delivery method, which allows your store to deliver ordered goods to customers under an hour with our service.

With our Managers App, you can view incoming orders, status of every order sent out to be delivered.

By using our delivery service, it will also help  boost individual store sales.

Products  will be delivered, efficiently and at an affordable price.


Integration of Konnectus delivery service on your website. Contact us for more information about the process.

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Ride with US

Be part of our delivery team at Konnectus. We value you just as much as we value our customers.

Choose hours which are convenient for you. Download our rider App. Simply login after approval, ride and earn!


We will be provide you with our highly visible kit.

Apply today! 


Why ride with us?

*Easy to use Riders app

*Book shifts when you want to work.

*Earn while you ride

*Earn up to £140 daily.

Andriod or iOS Phone. Right to work. Drivers License. Safety Equipments.

Uniforms (we provide)

Be part of our delivery team. Apply, Ride, Earn!

Your Favourite cuisine and product delivered efficiently to your doorstep at an affordable price!


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